ROLE: IT Intern

May, 2011 - August, 2011

For my first college internship, having closed down my high school business, Pointe Computer Tech, I signed up to join General Electric’s IT team as a part of their Lighting division. I kicked off my summer diving into the network of label printers and scanners in their factories and distribution facilities. I designed a new network that centralized the control and management of these printers and scanners that would allow them to be operated and maintained more effectively. It was expected that this project would consume my whole summer, but I completed this with half of my time remaining. With this free time, I discovered that the adoption of new light bulb testing software was not going well and made it my next priority to help. I did a “GE IT first” which received rave reviews: I created instructional videos for the lab technicians who would be using this software, guiding them both visually and verbally through the different features of the software. This still left a few weeks remaining for me to design a set of instructional leaflets for our IT team to distribute to the rest of the company at upcoming conferences. These leaflets were targeted at addressing frequently asked questions about the company's migration to Windows 7, the shift to SAP, and other broad IT initiatives. My time at GE revealed to me just how easily entrepreneurial spirit can be applied anywhere, even within one of the largest companies in the world.

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Currently wandering around the Americas by motorcycle. Interested in software development jobs.